BioEnergiser CLASSIC D-Tox Spa System
BioEnergiser CLASSIC D-Tox Spa System 

The BioEnergiser CLASSIC D-tox Spa System is a revolutionary patented system.

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The kit includes ... Bowl, array, power supply, timer, control unit, 30 bowl liners, 100g low sodium salt, measuring spoon,.

The Treatments

The TreatmentsThe relaxing 30 minute treatment involves placing your feet into a spa bowl filled with warm salted water. An Energizing Cartridge creates a flow of electrons and a bioenergetic field that provides a relaxing and enjoyable treatment. The feet have an amazing 2000 pores in each foot and therefore offer one of the best points to administer the treatment which is both efficient and convenient.

A course of Bio-Energiser D-tox Spa treatments can help re balance your body and is a significant advancement in aiding wellness and a feeling of well being..


Details on training courses can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the treatment last for?

  • 30 minutes.

  • Will I feel any sensation during the treatment?

  • This depends. Some people do experience tingling sensations, these can be in your feet, legs or arms.

  • Will I suffer any side effects from the treatment?

    Generally no. However, some people have experienced mild headaches, or mild flu like symptoms, after treatment. Drinking plenty of water during the treatment cycle will reduce these symptoms or totally prevent them.

  • Do I need to do anything during the treatment?

  • No. Just sit down and relax for the duration of the Treatment.

  • Is there anyone who should not use the product

  • Yes, the product should not be used by people with a pacemaker, or during the first trimester of pregnancy, users with metal implants, epilepsy and children under 5 should seek medical advice prior to use.

  • How many treatments should I have?

  • Ideally two per week. However, there must be at least 48 hours between treatments.

  • Can I use any type of salt in the system?

  • No. The Bio Energiser D-tox Spa is supplied with lo-sodium salt. This type of salt has 60% less sodium content than ordinary table salt.

  • Why does the water change colour?

  • There will be a reaction between the array and the saline solution, which will give a light orange/yellow tint to the water. This is a natural occurrence and is the sodium being drawn out of the salt by the current.

  • Why does there appear to be deposits floating on top of the Water?

  • Again, this can be as a result of the reaction between the array and saline solution. Or, it can be deposits drained from the lymph glands and or pores.

  • We live in a hard water area; will this have any effect on the treatment?

  • Yes, you should reduce the amount of salt you add to the water. The lime in hard water areas will cause the controllers alarm to sound if the recommended (full measuring spoon) is used.

  • How long will the array last?

  • Usually up to 30 treatments. When the array ‘expires’ it will simply stop working.

  • Where can I purchase replacement parts?

  • You can purchase various consumables for your Bio Energiser from an authorised stockist or directly from
Power Supply Imput 240vAC 50Hz
Output: 12V DC 1300mA (UK/European/Australian adaptor) other areas will require a voltage reducer
Please note the Nylon storage bags are no longer included with this item  

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Customer Feedback
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Product rating



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Customer Reviews

Author: Lilia Lillies
Its an excellent product. It does wonder for rebalancing your body,s equilibrium.

Author: Lee Beevers
This is a great product and works as advertised. I recommend it to anyone wanting to get rid of toxins in their bodies.

Author: Luzdy Aviles
I recommend Bioenergizer Foot Spa to anyone, including healthy people. Never know when you are intoxicate.

Author: marlizeth
I want a coupon

Author: Rosemary
The spa beeped at me too its either too much salt or too much water

Author: Doris
Why does my water turn completely black & loads of floaty bits

Author: Chelsea
I have everything ready to start the detox spa and I hit the start button and it beeps a couple times then nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Author: Wendy
Am looking to purchase a replacement timer/control unit part no. BE040 but can't find anywhere on the net


Author: Mrs watson
This is brilliant, but have run out of salts where can I get another

Author: Deborah Brown
Don't buy from Bioenergizer! The unit I bought is faulty, but there's no way to access the company.

Author: Sherrie Christy
I have one of these spas and I love it. The problem is I think the spare cartridge (gray, sit in the middle of the foot spa. I believe it does not work but if I could get some help with technical support of some kind and this is the problem I'll gladly buy a new one and every part I need from now on but I need a way to know that this is what's really wrong with it please help me please please please thank you Sherrie Christy

Author: Eric
I am A amateur radio operator(A technician Plus) and A journeyman electrician, I can tell you there is no trick. All the things you see coming out is from your body, there is no way it comes from anything in or through the spa itself. I believe that this is one of the greatest products for health there was ever invented. Thank you and God bless.

Author: Billie Mitchell
I have the spa and it works great if your water source doesn't have too much salt. I have to use distilled water.


Author: Cheryl McClaskey
It was amazing!! I love it!

Author: Sheila McNulty (
I love it I have just sent off for a new array as mine no longer works

Author: EmilyAgiff
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